USB Mini Humidifier & 5ML Oil.

USB Mini Humidifier & 5ML Oil.


We're proud to offer you our Multi-purpose USB humidifiers, Included is a 5ML oil of your choice.


Please select your scent of choice at the drop down menu, Simply add a comment in the shopping cart on your order or contact us.


*Other scents available*


Creed Millesime Imperial (M)

Creed Royal Oud (M)

Creed Viking (M)

Creed Silver Mountain (M)

Creed Love In White (W)

Bleu De Chanel (M)

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino (U)

Tom Ford Black Orchid (U)

Tom Ford White Patchouli (W)

Christian Dior Oud Ispahan (M)

Xerjoff More Than Words (M)

MFK Silk Oud Mood (M)

MFK Cashmere Oud (M)

Kalemat Oud (M)

Killian Black Phantom (M)

1001 Nights (M)

D&G Velvet Dessert Oud (U)

Amouage Reflection (M)

Montale Rose Musk (W)




  • 1. Technological design: ABS shell material with high toughness and wear resistance, A water tank is made of PP material, healthy and durable.
  • 2. Vertical mist outlet design, the fog beads are placed in the car before falling into the car After being fully dispersed, it is filled in the air and does not wet the inside of the car.
  • 3. Efficient humidification: Humidification + Aromatherapy. Can add essential oils and water molecules, fully integrated into the air, enjoy a comfortable journey.
  • 4. Noise ≤36dB, Not afraid of disturbing sleep, a quiet car humidifier than mosquitoes.
  • 5. 5V universal Android USB interface, it can be used in the car and on the desktop, because it is small in size, easy to carry around, with mobile power can be used anytime, anywhere.